Cris Collinsworth Actually Wants to Cover a Giants or Jets Game This year

Brian Giuffra
Cris Collinsworth.
Cris Collinsworth. / Michael Zagaris/Getty Images

Without knowing it, Cris Collinsworth accidentally trolled the Jets and Giants by reminding fans how long it's been since NBC last covered a game involving them at the Meadowlands. But at least he wants to cover a New York football team. That's something.

In an unprompted tweet, Collinsworth said he hopes NBC can flex into a game in New York this year because neither the Giants or Jets are scheduled for any primetime games on Sunday night. He quote tweeted a Jets draft grade, so one has to assume he was focused on them. He added, "it's been way to long," which is true (though grammatically unsounded because he's missing an o in that too). It's been a long time since the Jets or Giants hosted a primetime Sunday night game.

The last time the Jets played a game at home on Sunday night was Nov. 13, 2011 against the Patriots. They lost 37-16. The game was played the first year MetLife Stadium opened.

As for the Giants, they last hosted a Sunday night game on Dec. 11, 2016 . They beat the Cowboys 10-7.

The Giants have three primetime games this year and the Jets have two. Those feel like mandatory handouts because the teams are based in the media capitol of the United States. Neither team is supposed to be good this year, though the Jets should be better than the Giants.

Collinsworth is the only known announcer from a major broadcaster to advocate for covering a game involving a professional football team located in New York. Perhaps he wants to hit up his favorite steak house or bar on the company dollar? Who knows. But you could get a nice steak and drink in Kansas City too.