Cris Carter on NFL Countdown: "Take Him Off the Field"

By Mike Cardillo

ESPN, unlike other NFL broadcast partners, hasn’t held back this week in the wake of the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson situations, especially on how NFL commissioner Roger Goodell handled the Rice case. Sunday morning to close out SportsCenter, Hannah Storm delivered an emotional message about her personal thoughts on the Rice story that dominated the news since tape of the former Ravens running back punching his then-fiancee emerged Monday morning. On NFL Countdown Cris Carter didn’t mince words, either, especially about child abuse as it pertains to the Peterson situation.

Carter, a former Vikings standout, talked about his mother raising him “doing the best job she could” in terms of discipline, but noted things have changed in the 21st century and that he’s since learned his mother was wrong. Carter closed saying:  “I don’t care what it is, take him off the dang gone field, because you know what, as a man that’ the only thing we really respect. We don’t respect no women, we don’t respect no kids. … Take ’em off the field because they respect that.”

It will be interesting to see if FOX and CBS will be as candid as ESPN with their pregame shows today.

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