Cris Carter Advised NFL Rookies to "have a fall guy" for When They Get In Trouble


That is Cris Carter speaking to the 2014 NFL rookies at the Rookie Symposium, a seminar designed to give players coming into the league advice on life and how to handle becoming an NFL player. Last week, Chris Borland, in an ESPN article, claimed that an unnamed veteran player advised the rookies to “have a fall guy” for when they got into trouble. He wasn’t talking about Lee Majors. (reference that might escape our younger audience members).

"“Get yourself a fall guy,” Borland says one of the former players advised. The former player, whom Borland declined to name, told the rookies that if they ran into legal trouble, their designated 
fall guy would be there to take the blame and, if necessary, go to jail. “‘We’ll bail him out,'” Borland says the former player assured them. Borland was appalled. “I was just sitting there thinking, ‘Should I walk out? What am I supposed to do?’ ” he recalls. He says he didn’t leave the room because he didn’t want to cause a scene, but the incident stayed with him."

Well, the two players are confirmed because the video is still, or at least was this afternoon, posted on They are Cris Carter and Warren Sapp, who has had plenty of his own issues since being involved in that talk, including the solicitation of prostitution arrest, and no longer works for

Basically, the NFL held a seminar and a nice piece of advice was to pay for other people to get arrested and lie on your behalf. Cris Carter has thus demonstrated what being a real leader is about.