Craig Sager Drank 26 Beers During One Round of Golf

Stephen Douglas

Craig Sager is (deservedly) getting all sorts of tributes from friends and colleagues right now. Fox Sports Sun’s Jason Jackson shared his favorite Craig Sager story with the Palm Beach Post and it just confirms Sager’s legendary status. In 2013, Jackson, Bucks courtside reporter Telly Hughes, Sager and one of Sager’s friends played golf outside Milwaukee on a blustery Spring day during the Heat – Bucks playoff series.

"“Anyway, Craig Sager drank 26 Bud Lights in 18 holes and did not miss a putt. He two-putted maybe six greens, and everything else was in. We lost $70 each. It infuriated me. I don’t mind having a beverage after a round, right? But he kept having beers and I kept losing, and I thought, ‘I know this dude. This is a Midwestern man who has utter control of his constitution.’ There was no way."

While this isn’t Wade Boggs on a cross country flight, it’s still very impressive. Especially when you consider the putting.

Now this is pure speculation and Sager himself would have to confirm it, but there are pictures of Sager passed out in a Milwaukee hotel lobby that were taken during that same playoff series. 18 holes and 26 beers would explain that situation.

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