Exploding Diet Coke Can Forces Craig Carton to Dive For Cover During WFAN Mike Franesca Tribute

Exploding Diet Coke causes chaos
Exploding Diet Coke causes chaos /

Mike Francesa retired last year for what is probably the final time from WFAN. Last night, Craig Carton and Evan Roberts decided to honor the longtime New York radio personality by cracking open a can of Diet Coke during Carton & Roberts. It went terribly wrong.

This all began because (for reasons unknown) Carton remembered the time that Michael Kay beat Francesa's show in the NYC sports radio ratings war for the first time ever back in 2014. The ESPN radio host celebrated that victory by opening a can of Diet Coke and pouring it into the trash at the start of a show. Francesa was all sorts of irate about that and incited further conflict by calling it a "loser" move. It was a whole thing but is long in the rearview for both personalities now.

Anyway, Carton felt it his responsibility to right that wrong seven years later. He cracked a can of soda and announced that Diet Coke would still reign as the king of beverages on New York City sports talk radio. Then chaos reigned as the can fell on the floor and exploded in the studio, causing Roberts to duck and Carton to dive out of his seat entirely. It was quite the scene.

Carton and Francesa's public disdain for each other was a running storyline for years in New York, so it's a bit of a surprise Carton has decided to publicly reconcile. I suppose things change when the two aren't competitors anymore. Carton seemed awfully confident that he and Roberts are the new sheriffs in town when it comes to dominating sports radio ratings. We'll have to see about that.

For now, they should probably keep soda out of the studio, if only to ease the minds of the poor audio engineers who have to deal with the aftermath of this explosive debacle.