We Need More Props on Sports Television


Craig Carton was recently pushing a somewhat nebulous but still controversial story about disconnect in the Philadelphia Eagles locker room last season as they started off super hot and then watched as the wheels came off. Whatever the particulars of what's going on behind the scenes actually are, the net result is a public that has no choice but to survey the state of play and concluded tha the vibes aren't great.

Nick Sirianni, who surprised everyone by leading his team to a Super Bowl not 14 months ago, has been under increased scrutiny and some pundits are going as far to say that the Eagles need a new leader if they wish to acheive the sport's ultimate prize.

None of them, however, have conveyed the message as effectively as Carton, who with the help of Willie Colon stabilized a window to demonstrate the point.

"Their coach is a clown," Carton said. "If you want the Eagles to win a Super Bowl and keep the window open, you need a new head coach."

Recreating something from Tool Time is excellent television. Never knew it before but now it just feels sort of empty when one of these talking heads tries to argue something with both of their hands free. If not a window, they should be holding something else.

More props. What we're saying is more props. Hell, get everything used sponsored and we're looking at a win-win-win here.