The Cowboys Might As Well Bring Back Jason Garrett at This Point

Mike McCarthy
Mike McCarthy / Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys started their season with a close, disappointing loss on Sunday Night Football, as is tradition. Aside from the lack of fans in the stands, the biggest difference between this year and previous iterations of the same story is that Mike McCarthy was the helpless coach on the Dallas sideline. The Cowboys might as well bring back Jason Garrett.

Things were supposed to be different last night. The Cowboys were supposed to unleash their high-flying offense with McCarthy in charge and Garrett sent away to New York. Instead, the Cowboys scored 17 points, with just three points coming in the second half and none in the fourth quarter.

As tough as it must be to eat another one of these loses, Jerry Jones must have felt a little like he made the right call playing hardball with Dak Prescott again. Despite his new coach, Prescott looked very normal on Sunday. He was 25 of 39 for 266 yards and one score. His team lost by 3 and he just didn't look aggressive on that final drive. Let alone the rest of the half.

Do we blame McCarthy? Dak? Maybe this is who Dak is. The numbers lie and he's not in Deshaun Watson's class and shouldn't be paid as if he is. Or maybe this was just a one-week problem. Maybe this time the overreaction will work in the Cowboys' favor. Some teams struggle early and finish strong. Some teams, including the Cowboys, might have been thrown off by the lack of a preseason. Only time will tell.

If things stay the same, though... If the Mike McCarthy Cowboys keep looking like the Jason Garrett Cowboys, why not just bring back the original? It's familiar. It could be the return to normalcy that this country needs right now.