Extremely Cool Giants Fan Had a Wild Night


New York Giants fans were understandably fired up for Monday Night Football, what with the Dallas Cowboys in town and an undefeated record on the line. So it's certainly not surprising that a few diehards went full David Puddy out of a duty to support the team, including this fine gentleman who briefly became the Main Character on Twitter thanks to his blue face paint. And before we go any further let's make it perfectly clear that he looked awesome and going all-out in character at an NFL game is good, clean fun. It's not for everyone and like everything else, people are far too quick to criticize what they can't understand. Like how sitting there looking like Bill Burr auditioning for the role of Tobias Fünke helps Daniel Jones make the proper read or Kenny Golladay catch the football and earn all that money.

But I cannot stop thinking about what the last 10 hours have been like for Mr. Giant here. You become a breakout star on national television while your team comes up short against the hated Dallas Cowboys. Your phone is probably blowing up with messages absolutely delighted that this came across their television screens. There's a long, sad shuffle to the vast parking lot at MetLife Stadium and the unavoidable bottleneck as 70,000 fans attempt to flee the marshlands of New Jersey two feet at a time. Then there's the stressful drive back to wherever you call home. Maybe Long Island. Or Westchester. Or further.

Upon arriving home and placing keys in door, there's the realization that, like it or not, a pre-bed shower is required. One simply cannot climb into bed like that or the next morning will dawn with an unpleasant, Smurf-tinged hue. And so all of it leads up to the moment where blue paint is pouring down the shower drain in the middle of the night with a devastating loss still stinging like an open wound. With the knowledge that in a few hours it will be time to get up and go to work. Back to the grind.

Sports are amazing. What else could inspire something so beautiful and pure?