Dallas Cowboys Fan Punches TV After Playoff Loss, NFL Has Plans to Change Result


Dallas Cowboys Fans vs. Not Breaking Their Own Stuff is one of the fiercest rivalries in the NFL and it was a stone-cold lock that we'd be getting some top-notch videos of America's Team supporters destroying property after yesterday's dud against the San Francisco 49ers. And yeah, some of it may be staged and/or exaggerated. Does it make it any less entertaining to watch someone punch a television because they think that's what they need to do for content and not because they are blinded by rage? No, dear reader, it does not. Those are simply two different red flags cut from the same cloth.

Here's an unhappy costumer leading with the crown of his fist and being ejected for targeting on a defenseless television far too small to provide everyone in the room a good look at the action.

It sounds as though there's a baby in the room for this outburst and if you look closely enough there's a Colin Kaepernick jersey. So ... a lot going on.