Cowboys Fans Tells the Local News They Need Belichick, Trey Lance and Jesus After Embarrassing Loss


While the vibes were tremendous in Detroit on Sunday, America's other Thanksgiving team suffered a brutal loss to the Green Bay Packers earlier in the day. The Packers went into AT&T Stadium and devastated the Dallas Cowboys, their owner and their fans with a 48-32 win. WFAA's Rebecca Lopez was there to get the reactions of fans after the game and they were understandably upset.

So many characters. Fans came from as far as Virginia and Florida just to watch the Cowboys lose at home to the 7-seed. There's the woman who pokes her head into frame to say they have another Tony Romo on their hands who actually gets a lot of credit for censoring herself when she stopped midway through "choke on a..." Obviously, she's a kindred spirit to the fan who says the Cowboys need Jesus.

While Jerry Jones may not have moved on from Mike McCarthy yet, the fans certainly have. They want McCarthy gone and his legacy is now ruined because of his involvement with the team. One guy even held up his phone so Jerry Jones would know to hire Bill Belichick.

Then it was Dak's turn. "No more Dak Prescott" appeared to be the prevailing feeling in the parking lot after the game. With one fan going so far as to suggest that Trey Lance is actually the answer. WFAA clearly did not check BAC before putting people on camera, but still just 23-years-old with only four NFL starts on his resume, maybe he is?

All we know for sure is that the Cowboys will be back next year. Whether they're good or bad or have a new quarterback or an old coach, we know their season will end and it will most likely be in disappointment. And hopefully the local news will be there to document the reactions. They really are the highlights of the team's seasons.