Cowboys Fans Taking Over SoFi Stadium in First Chargers Home Game

SoFi Stadium
SoFi Stadium / Rich Fury/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Chargers have not played at their brand-spanking new stadium in front of fans yet. Until today. Slated to host the Dallas Cowboys, it's the first game at SoFi Stadium with Chargers faithful filling seats.

Or it was supposed to be, anyway. The Chargers had attendance problems in San Diego that did not go away with their move to L.A. In 2019, the first Chargers season in Los Angeles, it got so bad that the players themselves got upset about so many opposing fans in the stands making life difficult for what was supposed to be a home game.

That trend continued into 2021, at least for the first game. Cowboys fans are notorious for traveling en masse and it was no different today for the team's Week 2 matchup against the Chargers. Check it out:

The stadium will be pretty loud when Justin Herbert is on the field, to the chagrin of anybody and everybody who supports the team.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, I suppose. Another "home" game for the Chargers that's getting taken over by opposing fans.