'Hard Knocks' Pulled Off an Insane One-Shot Drone Tour of the Cowboys Practice Facility

What a view.
What a view. /

The Dallas Cowboys 2021 season of HBO's Hard Knocks is now past the halfway point. Two decades and 16 seasons in, you would think we have seen everything that NFL training camps have to offer from the show, but oh man did they pull of something special for last night's episode. Specifically, this 3-plus minute single-take drone shot of the Cowboys' 91-acre headquarters and practice facility in Frisco, Texas. Better known as "The Star."

According to Peter Schrager it took three hours and 15 takes to get this right. That is both unbelievable and totally believable. This shot basically lives somewhere on the outskirts of the uncanny valley as it sometimes looks so real that it you can't help but feel like it's computer generated.

It's impossible to tell if Jerry Jones or Ford will be more happy with this video. This shot pretty clearly conveyed how vast and beautiful the Cowboys home is and the Ford logo is prominently featured, along with the drone actually flying through a truck parked in front of a field where people were doing yoga. And that is a thing you can apparently do at The Star because they host a ton of fitness classes. Cowboys Fit. See? I never would have known that, but this three minute video has me asking all sorts of questions not already answered by the video.

So congratulations to Jerry Jones who is having a pretty good couple of days.

And congratulations to everyone who worked together to pull this shot off on the final try as the clock was apparently winding down. Specifically, Sky Candy Studios out of Minneapolis who also had that viral bowling alley drone video earlier this year.

That is some real high-level content creation.