Could a Matt Moore-Patrick Mahomes Debate Be on the Horizon?

Bobby Burack
Green Bay Packers v Kansas City Chiefs
Green Bay Packers v Kansas City Chiefs / Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs won yesterday with Matt Moore starting and finishing the game at quarterback. The impressive victory over the Vikings did just enough to get some thinking, not deciding, that perhaps, the Chiefs play harder with Moore as opposed to Patrick Mahomes. And if next week, Moore starts, plays well, and wins again, we could be heading for an all-out Moore vs. Mahomes debate on morning television. It could get intense, too.

Shockingly, Skip Bayless could be one of the debaters already contemplating taking a side in this hypothetical:

It's important that we are very clear so the sports pundits don't get taken out of context, the debate would not be who is better. But instead, who is better for this Chiefs team. Small, but important detail.

Sure, Mahomes had an all-time great year in the first season he ever started in the NFL. Nobody is denying he already looks like the most talented quarterback the game has ever seen. Or even that he can make throws with his eyes closed that most humans can't make with both open and no traffic in front of them. It's just that Moore might come with more manalytics, to quote Bayless' colleague Colin Cowherd. Moore may have more guts. Dare someone make the case he was born with the clutch gene? This is stuff stats just can't measure.

Moore's detractors could make the argument that he has been mediocre since 2007, he's 35, and limited. Or that he hasn't been good enough to win a starting job over a quarterback known as Ryan Tannehill. These are all arguments in favor of last season's MVP. But again, none of that factors in what commentators like Bayless potentially see in Moore's eyes late in games. Or his will. You also never want to doubt which one of these sports experts could elect to prefer a much less talented player over an all-timer because they possess the "Mamba Mentality." Not all of us can see stuff like that through the television screen.

Look, just because Mahomes should have made it to the Super Bowl last year does not negate the fact that Moore's spirit may have inspired the Chiefs defense to prevent Kirk Cousins from winning a big game.

I am not taking sides when it comes to Mahomes vs. Moore. Because I'm willing to acknowledge just because Moore won yesterday, Mahomes still has a case to return as the starter.

Let the debate begin.