Cool Guy Loses Control of Motorcycle. Motorcycle Goes Into the Pool in the Middle of a Party.


You know what this pool party needs? Rubber. BURNED. You know how some people bring Taco Bell party packs and some people bring Zima? This guy just wanted to bring the burned rubber. Unfortunately, he lost control of his bike and it went straight into the pool. Then, to prove how much he didn’t care he jumped on his minibike, spent 3 minutes trying to get it to start and then rode that into the pool. Cool dude status = attained.

At this point, I want to recognize the person who took this video for his expemplary work. He has his phone held at the correct angle, gets all the action and all the reactions. He even does what any good host would do and finds another angle of the action. That’s right, he records the video that someone else took on her phone. Of course, that was vertical video so it was trash, but the point is, he provided the second look to the viewer. You sir, are the real star of this party.

*raises solo cup of Zima*

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