Conspiracy Theorist "Proves" Freemasons Rigged AFC and NFC Championship Games


Folks, I just went down a rabbit hole so deep I don’t know if I’ll ever find my way out. I swallowed the red pill and I am stuck wondering, “Why, oh why didn’t I take the blue pill?”

A man calling himself Zachary K. Hubbard (if that is his real name) put together four videos – each lasting almost 15 minutes – in order to explain how the Freemasons rigged both the AFC and NFC Championship Games. Using numbers related to Gematria (which is apparently something that exists), Hubbard goes through a dizzying explanation of how everything in both games was a farce, with a completely scripted outcome. By the way, he changed his opinion that the fix was in, and the Patriots were the team that was going to benefit from the Freemasons’ nefarious ways. He now realizes it was Barzini the Broncos all along. He just needed to re-calibrate some numbers that were staring him in the face.

Yeah, you can laugh all you want, but Hubbard’s brand of crazy is thoroughly convincing. Obviously, the Freemasons are in control of everything. We all know they are trying to start a massive race war, why else would the “white” Broncos be facing the “black” Panthers in the biggest sporting event of the year? Pull the wool from your eyes sheeple!

All four videos are posted below and I’ll give you some highlights from each.

Video 1:

The matchup of the “white” Broncos and “black” Panthers clearly reflects what’s going on in the world. “Sports and the news media are rigged.”

5:00 – Hubbard proves that all scores, broadcasts and points in a game are all carefully coordinated and scripted.

14:20 – On February 2, the 33rd day of the year, “The People vs. O.J. Simpson” debuts, and the main object in the ads for that show is a white (Ford) Bronco!

Video 2:

3:45 – The Panthers went for two late in the game to give them 42 points and the reason was completely racist. I’ll let him explain it, but the gist is that the Freemasons want to start a race war, that’s why the Panthers have a black quarterback and that’s also why some high school students in Arizona wore these shirts on Friday.

10:50 – The movie “Jerry Maguire” foreshadowed this entire postseason and all of this way back in 1996.

Video 3:

1:20 – Peyton Manning’s “Omaha” chant is directly tied to an animal feed plant explosion in…Omaha. Mind-blown.

3:50 –  Bill Belichick opted against kicking a field goal on a late fourth-down play solely because it wouldn’t have lined up with the script. Had the Patriots kicked the field goal the total score couldn’t have added up to 38.

6:45 – Somehow Owen Daniels is a key part of this.

10:35 – Both of Tom Brady’s interceptions were clearly on purpose. “These guys get paid millions of dollars to deceive their fans and waste everybody’s time. That’s why it’s sick.” Yes, the players are the ones who are sick…

13:30 – “None of this is arbitrary, truth seeker.”

Video 4:

1:30 – Archie Manning’s age should have been an obvious clue. How did we all miss that?

4:10 – Of course, as we all know, Tom Brady and the Patriots were the biggest beneficiaries of the Patriot Act. As Hubbard says, “So contrived I saw through it as an 18-year-old.”

Once you look at all the facts everything falls into place. Although I do have one beef with Hubbard (well one beef, other than the fact that he believes the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax and about 47,000 other vile things he has to say on his 2003-style blog), I don’t believe the Freemasons are behind all of this. I think once you dig deep enough you’ll see it was the Stonecutters all along.