Conor McGregor Lit the UFC Lightweight Division on Fire in a Twitter Rant

Connor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone
Connor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone / Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Conor McGregor watched UFC 249 this weekend and had some thoughts. As he watched two potential future opponents face off in the main even between Justin Gaethje and Tony Ferguson, McGregor clearly felt underwhelmed by their abilities. He carried that over to Twitter on Monday.

The following tweet storm ripped all of his potential opponents in the lightweight division and seemed to announce that he was ready to take on any of them:

He started with a commentary on holding an event with no fans:

Then he had thoughts on Ferguson, who lost to Gaethje via fifth-round TKO:

Then he had insight on a potential matchup between Ferguson and Dustin Poirier:

He had some serious vitriol stored up for Gaethje:

You know where this is leading...McGregor then went off on rival Khabib Nurmagomedov:

Then he made it known that once he was done beating up the lightweights, he'd be headed up to welterweight:

McGregor was clearly fired up Monday. Now let's see what kind of matchup the UFC and Dana White can make to get him back fighting. MMA fans demand it.