A Dude Got Stuck in an Urn at a Party


Today is the first day that truly feels like a hard return to the real world after a long, luxurious holiday break. Sure, not everyone has been kicking back and relaxing without responsibilities for three full weeks but this Monday is the day when everyone is being forced back into a cubicle or classroom to stare their responsibility in the face. All that will remain of that glorious time off are the memories and the calories. We sincerely hope you were all able to get after it to whatever extent you wished to get after it.

For some, that included getting stuck in a decorative urn and becoming one of the more amusing main characters we've seen early in 2024.

Fifty-one minutes into the year someone sent out notice that a situation was developing at a New Year's soiree.

Yesterday the world saw video footage that reveals the initial reports were quite accurate. Before checking it out, you should know that cooler heads prevailed and our hero is safe and sound after people came together to break the decorative item and free its trapped visitor.

Look, we are not laughing at this fine young gentleman but rather laughing with him. And he appears to have a great attitude about the whole thing — something a lot of people would most certainly not be able to do after a self-inflicted Baby Jessica situation. But goddamn if we can't all enjoy someone climbing into an urn, getting stuck, and then becoming a situation for a well-lubricated room full of partygoers to solve, what's the point of doing anything.

Plus, if this post raises awareness about climbing into random ceramics and one fewer person does it in the future, it'll be a great success. The more you know.