Connor Stalions Story Now Includes Vacuums, HOA Drama

Purdue v Michigan
Purdue v Michigan / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

We've updated you on the Michigan sign-stealing scandal a number of times, but today the weirdness got cranked up another level. Connor Stalions, the staffer at the center of the story, apparently had a lot going on away from Michigan football. Now we've learned the former Marine captain was sued by his HOA over dozens of vacuum cleaners. Yeah, we'll explain.

According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2022 Stalions purchased a $485,000 home near Michigan's campus in Ann Arbor. Soon after he moved in, dozens of old vacuums packed his porch. The homeowners association noticed and sued him for operating an appliance refurbishing business out of his home, which was against the HOA's bylaws. We even have a photo of what that looked like.

That's a lot of vacuums.

Stalions fought the suit and represented himself in court. In response to the summors he wrote the following:

"I suspect that whoever has chose to sue me either 1. doesn't like the fact that I am a veteran; or 2. is a Michigan State fan and knows I am a Michigan football coach and wants to draw my attention away."

He suspected a Spartans fan who lived down the street and whose son was a student at Michigan State. Stalions continued:

"He uncomfortably questioned me about Michigan football and what goes on in our building, giving me a bad feeling about him. He definitely seemed like someone who wants to distract me with unnecessary time-consuming things like this."

Folks, I think we might need to just accept that Mr. Stalions has several screws loose. The fact that Jim Harbaugh continued to employ this guy is hilarious.