Comedian Falls Off Stage at Laugh Factory While Telling a Bad Joke


The first thing i saw on Twitter this morning was video of a stand-up comedian falling off stage in the middle of a joke. The comedian was on stage at a Laugh Factory, talking about his sexual escapades with the freaky women of Chicago when he started to tell a joke about pegging and went right off the front of the stage. The video was retweeted by many people, including Anthony Jeselnik. Everyone on Twitter agrees: this guy falling down was funny.

The comedian is James Austin Black, who is a member of So Far So Good, a sketch comedy show based in Chicago. Black commented on the original Instagram post, which was co-authored (co-posted? co-Insta'd?) by the group and Laugh Factory: Chicago.

So yes, considering the perfect timing of the fall and the source of the video, there is almost a 100% chance the entire video was, uh, staged. I will leave a 1% chance it was real just because it's nice to believe in something. I mean, people still do fall down in 2023 right? It just probably happens more often when there aren't three cameras shooting them.

Real or not, it was well done. Falling down is funny and this is classic comedy. You see this guy fall down, you laugh. There are worse reasons to be famous on the Internet.