Colts' New Alternate Uniforms Are Absolutely Terrible

Colts new uniforms
Colts new uniforms /

On Thursday it was the Indianapolis Colts' turn to reveal their new uniforms. Like several other teams this offseason the Colts felt their alternate uniforms needed a shake-up. As is often the case, the result leaves fans wondering why they felt that way and who was in charge of brainstorming the new look. Because it is downright terrible.

Per the ever-reliable Adam Schefter:

I mean... how unimaginative can you get? I'm pretty sure I played against a team with these jerseys in middle school.

The weird thing is that these are not their Color Rush uniforms or whatever they are technically called now. Which would help it make a little more sense. Indianapolis jerseys are not the best in sport but they are perfectly fine and it is unclear why the decision was made to mess with last year's assortment.

Well, the primary reason is clear. Money! The more jersey types there are to sell the more money everybody makes. The downside is that bad designs like this will get clowned by everybody. Take the good with the bad, I guess.