Colts' Cameron McGrone Forces Fumble on Own Teammate

What happened here?
What happened here? /

The Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texans are meeting up for Week 18 in a battle for draft position. This was made obvious almost immediately as Colts linebacker Cameron McGrone forced a fumble on his own teammate.

Weird things happen in football but this stands out as particularly weird because McGrone looked like he did it... on purpose?

I mean... what? It looked too intentional for the contact to be incidental. It's not like McGrone got knocked into his guy or anything. He ran into him and stripped the ball out. Did he get confused?

The one potential explanation is that McGrone was trying to push the pile and just got very, very unlucky. But there was no pile and it's hard to unintentionally rip the ball out like that. So who knows what's really happening here.