Colombian Soccer Fans Brawled, Stormed the Pitch and Fought Police in First Game Back in the Stands

Santa Fe and Nacional fans.
Santa Fe and Nacional fans. /

Fans returned to the stands in Colombia's El Campín Stadium tonight for a match between Independiente Santa Fe and Atletico Nacional. It was the first time fans were able to attend a Categoría Primera A match since the start of the pandemic. It did not go well.

Chaos broke out as the game went into halftime. Fans fought in the stands, stormed the pitch and clashed with police. The game was delayed about an hour before order was restored.

Meanwhile, in the upper deck of the stadium, Santa Fe fans pushed into the north end of the stadium where Nacional fans were sitting. The game was delayed for an hour as things got under control.

The mayor of Bogata, who was in attendance, condemned the actions of the fans on Twitter.