Imagine Not Wanting Those College GameDay Masters Helmets

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

College GameDay is at Augusta National tomorrow morning to preview the dozens of college football contests that haven't yet been canceled. This will be one of the least rowdy but most picturesque settings in the show's history. Two spectacular helmets that people have yet to realize they absolutely must have OR ELSE will be there.

My immediate reaction — the most common one — was primal and selfish. Give me those!


As only an aspiring collector of objects of great value, my gut reaction was that ESPN could sell those for several billion dollars. Then, I saw you can get a mini version for $40. But surely the actual helmets for what we all hope is the only Masters GameDay joint could fetch a pretty penny. Ideally for charity.

Or give them to some superfans who deserve them.

Just a free idea for a place I don't work. See, told you I don't understand how markets work. Especially when looking at something so mesmerizingly beautiful.