College Football Coaches Want the Playoff That Benefits Them The Most

Stephen Douglas
Southern Miss v Alabama
Southern Miss v Alabama / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The first College Football Playoff ranking of the season will be revealed on Tuesday night. This will give everyone their first chance of the season to complain about the system's various biases and which teams do not deserve their ranking and which teams and conferences are getting screwed.

With that in mind, ESPN spoke with 62 of the 65 Power 5 Conference coaches over the summer and released their finding in helpful graph form today. The big takeaway? The teams and conferences who are benefiting from the current system are happy. The ones who aren't really want to see some change.

While they can't do anything about the playoff for a few years, they can change the way everyone schedules. ESPN asked if the coaches would like to see more uniform scheduling. The Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac-12 overwhelmingly said yes. The SEC nearly unanimously said no. The ACC was split because only Clemson is good anyway so whatever, right? And Notre Dame is Notre Dame so they voted to never change the way anything has ever been done. If they asked coaches if they should go back to using leather helmets, Notre Dame would be the only "yes."

But some coaches are so desperate for change that Jim Harbaugh even came up with his own special playoff system that rewards 11 teams. Coincidentally, in Michigan's two best seasons under Harbaugh, they finished 10th and 1tth in the coaches polls. Last season they finished 14th. This season they're 14th and will again be right on that Harbaugh Playoff System bubble. Suffice to say, if Harbaugh was beating Ohio State and winning the B1G every season, he'd be fine with the current CFB Playoff structure.

And that's true for any of the teams or conferences that this was working out for. The SEC is happy because they will never miss a College Football Playoff. Heck, Georgia joined 'Bama in the final four one year. This year LSU and Alabama (*whose coaches did not participate in the ESPN survey*) sit atop the rankings. One of them will lose to the other this weekend and if they both win out after that, they'll both probably make the playoff. That will never happen for any of the conferences with a number in their name. So they have every right to complain. And they do. And they will. And that's college football.