College Football Picks for Week 2


There is a big, juicy battle in Austin to highlight Week 2 of the college football slate. Other games will also be played, though there isn’t exactly an embarrassment of riches to be found. Let’s pick anyway.

Season Record: Koster: 7-3; Giuffra: 9-1; Phillips: 8-2; McKeone: 7-3

Nebraska (-4.5) at Colorado

Koster: Colorado

Fans of college football should be jacked up that Scott Frost is once again pitted against the Buffaloes in Boulder. Feel that Big 8 greatness once again. Nebraska 34, Colorado 31

Giuffra: Colorado

Nebraska barely escaped South Alabama in their season opener, and that was at home. On the road, their early-season hype will die. Colorado 35, Nebraska 31

Phillips: Colorado

Nebraska looked incredibly shaky against South Alabama and now has to travel to Boulder. It should be a close one. Colorado 31, Nebraska 28

McKeone: Colorado

Nebraska didn’t inspire a lot of confidence last week, and Colorado has the crowd behind them. Colorado 30, Nebraska 21

Texas A&M (+18.5) at Clemson

Koster: Clemson

Look, it’d be terrific if the Aggies started their impossible schedule by shocking the world. But last year’s scare in College Station will have the Tigers focused and Trevor Lawrence’s offense hasn’t skipped a beat. Clemson 44, Texas A&M 17

Giuffra: Texas A&M

Jimbo Fisher knows how to keep things close against Clemson. He’s only lost to them by 17 once. Last year they lost by two. Clemson 34, Texas A&M 28

Phillips: Texas A&M

Clemson is an absolute juggernaut and will win the game, but that spread is just too much to overcome. Clemson 45, Texas A&M 28

McKeone: Clemson

A&M may keep it close to start, but Lawrence will torch their secondary and Clemson will eventually run away with this one. Clemson 42, Texas A&M 20 

LSU (-5) at Texas

Koster: Texas

Joe Burrow looked ferocious and the LSU defense was a murders’ row in Week 1. Sam Ehlinger will be a different type of matchup and this is the type of home game Austin’s been pining for for years. Texas 25, LSU 20

Giuffra: LSU

LSU’s defense seems to be the real deal, and the offense just might be good enough to win the whole thing this year. But in order for that to happen, they gotta win on the road, and that will happen here. LSU 31, Texas 21 

Phillips: LSU

LSU’s defense will win this game, but the offense looks better than it has in years thanks to Joe Burrow’s play. Texas is super-hyped this year but LSU is the kind of team that can travel to Austin and come away with a win. LSU 31, Texas 24

McKeone: Texas

LSU will win this one off the back of their defense, but Ehlinger and Co. do enough to cover the spread. LSU 27, Texas 25

Army (+22.5) at Michigan

Koster: Army

Don Brown has had an entire offseason to prep for the Black Knights’ triple option, so don’t expect a major outbreak of points. On the other hand, the ball-control offense will melt the clock enough to preserve a cover. Michigan 35, Army 13

Giuffra: Army

Army likes to run the ball. Michigan would prefer to keep the ball on the ground too. Quick game, low-scoring. Michigan 31, Army 10

Phillips: Army

Michigan is going to win but this spread is far too big. Army keeps it closer than it should be. Michigan 34, Army 20

McKeone: Army

Army isn’t going to steal one from Jim Harbaugh’s squad, but Michigan doesn’t have the offense to run away with it like the spread suggests. Michigan 32, Army 17

BYU (+3) at Tennessee

Koster: Tennessee

If the Volunteers lose this game, it’s time to scrap the program. Only half-kidding. Tennessee 40, BYU 28

Giuffra: Tennessee

The Vols were embarrassed at home in their season opener. Can’t imagine it happening a second time. Tennessee 35, BYU 24 

Phillips: Tennessee

Tennessee can’t screw this up in back-to-back weeks, right? Tennessee 28, BYU 17

McKeone: Tennessee

Nothing like an L in front of your home crowd to inspire a victory the next week. Tennessee 37, BYU 13

Miami (-6) at North Carolina

Koster: North Carolina

The return of the Mack has all the makings of being special. The Tar Heels didn’t have any business beating the Gamecocks and on paper should struggle here. Going with the gut, though. North Carolina 20, Miami 19

Giuffra: Miami

North Carolina upset South Carolina in the season opener, but honestly, SC looked like garbage. Miami, on the other hand, looked tough against Florida. They need the win more too. Miami 31, North Carolina 24

Phillips: North Carolina

North Carolina pulled off a great comeback win over South Carolina in Week 1 and will keep things rolling against an underwhelming Miami squad in Week 2. North Carolina 27, Miami 24

McKeone: Miami

UNC’s emotional victory last week won’t help them here. Miami should take them down. Miami 28, North Carolina 20 

California (+13.5) at Washington

Koster: Washington

Jacob Eason is the best quarterback the Huskies have had in a long time and people will begin to realize it. Washington 38, Cal 20

Giuffra: Washington

I don’t know much about the Pac-12, but I do know Washington is a tough place to play and that’s enough for me to side with the Huskies. Washington 42, Cal 24 

Phillips: Washington

Cal struggled with FCS squad UC Davis in Week 1 and Washington looks like the class of the Pac-12. The Huskies should dominate. Washington 45, Cal 17

McKeone: Washington

I believe in what I’ve seen from Washington so far. They shouldn’t have any trouble dispatching an underwhelming Cal squad. Washington 41, Cal 21

Syracuse (-2.5) at Maryland

Koster: Maryland

Let’s see how those journalism nerds do against a coach who isn’t bed-riddenMaryland 35, Syracuse 21

Giuffra: Syracuse

Maryland scored 79 points in its season opener, while Syracuse didn’t impress with only 24 against Liberty. Syracuse takes a step forward here and Maryland a step back. Syracuse 27, Maryland 21

Phillips: Syracuse

Syracuse was entirely unimpressive against Liberty, but should be ready for this one. Syracuse 31, Maryland 21

McKeone: Maryland

They won’t drop 79 again, but their offense is feeling good and Syracuse looked average last week. Maryland 27, Syracuse 21

Cincinnati (+17) at Ohio State

Koster: Ohio State

Cincinnati has some athletes on the offensive side of the ball and the Buckeyes weren’t perfect in Week 1. Expect a more focused effort. Ohio State 50, Cincinnati 24

Giuffra: Ohio State

Justin Fields looked like the real deal in the Buckeyes season opener. I don’t think that was a fluke. Ohio State 45, Cincinnati 20 

Phillips: Ohio State

Justin Fields is a certified stud. Cincinnati is a good mid-major squad but they’re not ready for this. Ohio State 49, Cincinnati 17

McKeone: Ohio State

Ryan Day got off to a booming start with Justin Fields, and Cincinnati isn’t the program that’ll get in their way. Ohio State 49, Cincinnati 20

West Virginia (+14.5) at Missouri

Koster: West Virginia

What a wild line. So fishy. Let’s get weird. West Virginia 47, Missouri 41

Giuffra: West Virginia

WVU barely beat James Madison, and going on the road isn’t easy. But it appears Missouri has taken two steps back and that line is too big to pass up. Missouri 28, West Virginia 21

Phillips: West Virginia

Both of these teams looked bad in Week 1 but at least the Mountaineers won. I’ll take them in a close one. West Virginia 28, Missouri 24

McKeone: West Virginia

Going off last week’s performance, it’s a bit of a surprise Missouri is favored at all, much less by two touchdowns. Can’t see them proving the oddsmakers right. This one will be ugly. West Virginia 21, Missouri 20