College Football AP Poll: Dissecting Week Two

By Ty Duffy

Another week of college football. Another week of wild perception swings that show the folly of doing any sort of polling without a decent sample size. Here is a look at some of the outliers.

Josh Kendall: After vaulting Oklahoma State to (6) with their dismantling of Savannah State, Kendall dropped them from the Top 25. Boise State continued its climb. Last week, they leaped five places while losing. This week, the Broncos jumped another two places to (11) while not playing. At (25) he is the only voter with Ohio State ranked lower than (18). Florida remains outside his Top 25.

Doug Lesmerises: Doug was watching some night games. UCLA debuted in his Top 25 at (11), Arizona was (12) and was the only voter with ULM higher than (21) at (13). He was not impressed by South Carolina’s 38-point win with their backup quarterback, dropping them seven places. He also has Oklahoma at (21), one of just four voters with them lower than (10).

Chad Crippe: He vaulted Kansas State from (22) to (9) after the Miami win. He ranks Florida State (20), one of just three voters with them outside the top ten and the only one lower than (14). He is also the only voter with Texas unranked, the next lowest voter had them at (21).

John Wilner: He has Kansas State and Louisville in the top ten. He moved Florida from off the board up to (12), after a narrow win at Texas A&M. Nebraska rose a place despite losing to UCLA.

Carrie Anderson: She is still reconciling her preseason rankings with reality. Wisconsin is (19) with Oregon State not in the Top 25. Arkansas remains in the Top 25, ahead of Florida, Louisville and Notre Dame. Oklahoma State is (25), with Arizona, who just beat them by three touchdowns, outside the Top 25.

For fun, here is a look at some statistical measurements with way too small of a sample size. Both Football Outsiders’ FEI and SRS agree with consensus, that Alabama is the No. 1 team.

FEI: (1) Alabama (2) Oklahoma (3) LSU (4) Georgia (5) Ohio State (6) West Virginia (7) USC (8) Florida (9) Notre Dame (10) Florida State [full ranking here]

SRS: (1) Alabama (2) Texas (3) Baylor (4) West Virginia (5) LSU (6) Georgia (7) Arizona (8) UCLA (9) Iowa State (10) USC [full ranking here]

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