Colin Kaepernick's Mom Goes After Media Hack For Awful Column on 49ers' QB


Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers QB, allegedly wants to be paid like a “Top 5” QB. That rumor/plant was passed off as a news item this week – that often happens in the Silly Season known as the NFL offseason – and naturally, plenty of the reaction was embarrassingly dumb. All Kaepernick has done in two seasons is take the 49ers within seconds of a Super Bowl victory, and nearly beat the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC title game.

Kaepernick has wedged himself into the subjective “Top 5 QB” discussion over the last two seasons. Peyton. Brady. Brees. Rodgers. They’re locks. The final spot is up for debate, with Kaepernick and Russell Wilson leading the way.

The worst “take” on this alleged $18 million demand came from a hack at the Press-Democrat, Lowell Cohn. It was mocked in the Roundup Wednesday. A sample of the stupid:

It’s like he’s saying, “To hell with the team. I want mine.”

There are words to describe his position starting with “hypocrite” and ending with “phony.” You can fill in words in between.

Did someone inside the 49ers organization make Cohn write this garbage at gunpoint? It was so laughable, Kaepernick’s mom has weighed in.

"When one has an inability to articulate their thoughts intelligently, they often resort to namecalling. Isn’t that right @lowellcohn ?"

— Teresa Kaepernick (@mommakaep) March 5

Because I can’t resist, here’s more from Cohn, who apparently doesn’t watch much football:

And make no mistake, Kaepernick has failed twice.

The Niners gave the team to Kaepernick to win the Super Bowl. Not to lose the Super Bowl. They expected him to deliver. He did not.

If he wins the Super Bowl, sure, give him Cutler money. If not, well things will get real interesting. But, please, make his contract performance-based, not extortion based.

Can someone tell this meatball that Jay Cutler hasn’t won a Super Bowl? Or been to one?