Colin Kaepernick Reportedly Seeking $18 Million a Year

By Tim Ryan

Colin Kaepernick, who has been the 49ers starting quarterback for one full season, is reportedly seeking a new contract that would pay him $18 million a year, similar to what Jay Cutler received in January. Should the Niners balk at his asking price, Kaepernick would become a free agent after next season, where he would most certainly get whatever he wants.

So a coach who wants $10 million a season and a QB who wants double that? San Francisco’s offseason continues to get more needy with each passing day.

But they absolutely need to put the Jim Harbaugh “drama” to bed first — give the guy whatever he wants — and then sit down with the freakish, 26-year-old gazelle and inform him he’ll be getting somewhere between his current salary of $973,766 and $18 million, but not $18 million. Come on now.

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