Colin Kaepernick Issues Statement on Wearing Socks With Cops as Pigs on Them

By Jason Lisk

It was discovered that before his national anthem protest, Colin Kaepernick had already been wearing socks that depicted cops as pigs, during training camp on August 10th. This afternoon, he posted the following statement on Instagram:

Kaepernick went with the “I have friends who are [cops]” line, which as we know is always a winner.

He notes that he wore the socks “in the past,” which in this case was just three weeks ago. He also doesn’t want the socks, “which were worn before I took my public stance, [to be] used to distract from the real issues.”

I thought the issue that he wanted to address was police killing black citizens? It would seem the socks are on point with the message he is intending. Consider me baffled by this statement, which also attributes the sock-wearing to rogue cops. Are you protesting rogue cops, or systemic issues with the nation? I guess I have been distracted.