Colin Cowherd: Urban Meyer 'Done' at Ohio State, Brian Kelly to NFL?, John Harbaugh a Candidate at Notre Dame + USC

Ryan Glasspiegel

However you may feel about Colin Cowherd, he is very connected in football circles. So, when he delves into the multi-level coaching carousel, it warrants listening and thinking about. He did that today:

To summarize:

  • Urban Meyer is “done” at Ohio State. He looks brutal on the sidelines. He doesn’t feel supported by the administration.
  • Brian Kelly does not want to be at Notre Dame forever, and could have viable NFL head coaching candidacy.
  • Mike McCarthy is done in Green Bay.
  • John Harbaugh could be a candidate at Notre Dame if Brian Kelly loses, and USC when they fire Clay Helton.

Here’s my two cents: The Meyer news isn’t surprising. A lot of people have hinted he is laying a groundwork for an exit, including Paul Finebaum who wound up in a testy back-and-forth with Meyer’s wife Shelley over his comments. But if they beat Michigan and make the CFB playoff, does this forecast change?

Neither is McCarthy. Unless the Packers make another ‘run the table’ series to get into the playoffs, and even if they do that but fail to make noise there, the relationship with Aaron Rodgers feels irreparable. McCarthy has done a better job in aggregate than he is generally given credit for, but a new voice is needed there.

I could see some NFL teams being into Brian Kelly, but I’d shudder as a Packers fan if they went in that direction (which isn’t a specific destination Colin mentioned, but will presumably be a spot with an opening). I’ve covered why in the past. I get that Kelly is having a great season at Notre Dame and therefore the circumstances are a little different but his baggage and temperament rub me the wrong way. And I can’t see Aaron Rodgers listening to him.

Finally, John Harbaugh. As Jason Lisk wrote, he has a chance to save his job in Baltimore with a playoff berth. But, there’s been a lot of chatter of a mutual exit. If he is available, he will draw attention from literally every NFL and CFB job — for example, wouldn’t the Packers call him? — and will have his pick of a lot of desirable destinations (and many not so desirable).

And on and on the carousel will spin.

Disclosure: The Big Lead’s editor-in-chief Jason McIntyre is an on-air personality at FS1.