Colin Cowherd: Trae Young is Better Than Kyrie Irving and the Eastern Conference Stinks

Brian Giuffra
Colin Cowherd.
Colin Cowherd. /

Colin Cowherd watched the Atlanta Hawks upset over the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals and his two major takeaways were Trae Young is better than Kyrie Irving and the Eastern Conference stinks.

But don't take my word for it. Let Colin pontificate directly into your brain.

A couple of highlights:

"Those [Bucks and Hawks] aren't very good teams."

"If you take Giannis and Trae Young out of this game, it's unwatchable."

"The Eastern Conference isn't very good, in fact it's bad."

"I think he [Trae Young] is the No. 1 point guard in the East because I think he's better and more dependable than Kyrie Irving, I do."

Based on this rhetoric, it's safe to assume Cowherd is taking whoever wins the West to win the NBA Championship. Right now, Vegas agrees with him. The NBA Championship odds on WynnBET have the Suns as favorites to win the NBA title at +100 while the Bucks are second at +155. Implied probability suggest it's 50-50 for the Suns to win it all while the Bucks have a 40% chance. This is all to say, Cowherd is going chalk when it comes time to predict who wins it all.

The more interesting point he makes is saying Young is better than Kyrie. While Young has certainly shined in the postseason this year, his career accomplishments pale in comparison to Kyrie's. So does his reputation. Again, this postseason Young has certainly elevated his game more so than Irving, but to say Young is better seems like a prisoner of the moment situation.

Anyway, bet the west if you agree with Cowherd. The odds on which conference will win the title on WynnBET are similarly in their favor. You get -115 odds for the team coming out of the West to win it all while the East has odds of -105.