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Colin Cowherd Explains Why He Thinks Tom Brady Was Talking About Mitchell Trubisky on 'The Shop'

Liam McKeone
Colin Cowherd about to take his soapbox
Colin Cowherd about to take his soapbox /

Tom Brady has the sports world abuzz yet again, this time due to an appearance on LeBron James' showThe Shop. In a teaser clip released by HBO ahead of Friday's episode, Brady is filmed discussing his free agency period in 2020.

It's a brief clip, as you can see below, but it's a loaded comment. Brady explains one team that was courting him decided near the end that they were going to stick with the guy they have, and Brady's thought was, "You're going to stick with that motherf---er?"

This naturally led to the masses trying to guess which individual Brady holds such a low opinion of. Colin Cowherd did the same today on The Herd and came to a singular conclusion: Brady could have only been talking about the one and only Mitchell Trubisky, then of the Chicago Bears.

Trubisky was not the initial name that came to mind for many viewers because the Bears' pursuit of Brady was not made public until Dan Patrick reported it in September. But Cowherd does make good points. Brady wasn't going to say anything negative about fellow Don Yee client Jimmy Garoppolo on camera, even something as veiled as this. Ryan Tannehill was coming off the season of his life and beat Brady in the postseason, a rare feat. The Chargers and Colts both didn't have quarterbacks at the time Brady signed with the Bucs, so there wasn't another guy to go with. That leaves Da Bears.

Brady makes it sound like the Bears bowed out, which is absurd if it's true. For Chicago to pass because they believed in Trubisky does not reflect positively on the front office. It's not like it would have changed anything, though. From what we now know of Brady's priorities entering free agency, it's doubtful he would have chosen Chicago at the end of the day. The Bears have history and a great defense, but their offensive weapons pale in comparison to Tampa or even the two California teams Brady was considering.

Still, it's good fodder for a show like Cowherd's and he delivered once more.