Colin Cowherd: 'COVID is Not the Flu and Tim Tebow Can't Play Professional Sports'

Colin Cowherd
Colin Cowherd /

Tim Tebow was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars this morning. Colin Cowherd talked about the end of the great Tebow tight end experiment on The Herd today and it seemed like his criticism might have been directed in a very specific direction, although it would be irresponsible to make any guesses about who might have inspired a take like "COVID is not the flu and Tim Tebow can't play professional sports."

As for the breakout line from The Herd's tweet, that's a very strong and very wrong take. Tebow played two different professional sports. No, he did not find real success in the NFL at any position, but he was good enough to make a few rosters. How many guys in any given local gym have been invited to a training camp?

As for Tebow the baseball player, he peaked in AA hitting .273 with a .734 OPS, 14 doubles and 6 home runs in 2018. I dare you to find someone at your local gym who can touch a double-A fastball, let alone put the ball in play one-in-four at-bats. The fact that Tebow was able to have that level of success, after being away from that sport for so long is fairly incredible.

Of course, Cowherd also admitted to having bias before dropping the Gold's Gym line. He's not above wanting his own version of the truth. Here's more Cowherd:

"People no longer want the truth. They just want their version of the truth. You conservatives go to one channel, you liberals go to the other. You don’t want the truth. You want your version of it. Little reminder that 99.5 percent of people currently on ventilators in hospitals in America are unvaccinated. Sorry if that doesn’t connect with your Reddit board info."

Tim Tebow may not be much of a professional athlete, but he's a hell of a Trojan Horse. Get vaccinated, folks.