Colin Cowherd Says JJ McCarthy Has 'Backward Hat Energy'

Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan
Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan / Harry How/GettyImages

JJ McCarthy will be a first round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Having led his team to a perfect season, thrown 44 touchdown passes and just nine interceptions over the last two years, and treating scouts to a nearly flawless pro day, the Michigan quarterback has shot all the way to the top five in most mock drafts. But the most important question remained unanswered until draft day.

Does he have backward hat energy?

Only one man is qualified to answer that question and today, he did just that.

"So I was just asked which of these six first round quarterbacks potentially will wear their hat backwards first? And I gotta tell you, JJ McCarthy has some backward hat energy. Big head of hair. Confident Michigan kid. Scares me."

Big head of hair.

Confident Michigan kid.

Scares me.

I'm not sure we've seen an athlete-based walk and talk this comprehensive since Sports Night was canceled. You've probably never even considered how the amount of backward hat energy someone has is proportional to the size of their hair. And how a confident kid from any other college is much less likely to turn a hat around. Probably because they're much less confident.

It's unclear if Colin Cowherd is just having a laugh here, but one thing is for certain - the sports talk pivot to video is back. Between this and Bill Simmons walking around LA with his TikTok camera on, it's a new golden age of guys just saying stuff in one take.

What a time to be alive and covering sports media.