Colin Cowherd is Launching His Own Podcasting Network

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Colin Cowherd has surveyed the future of media and is making a big play, launching a new podcasting network today called Volume. His new podcast will be the main attraction and be complemented by a half-dozen shows, including a football offering from Aqib Talib.

“This will be the rawest, most authentic version of me,”Cowherd told Bloomberg. “It’s me at home.”

Cowherd is one of the biggest stars in radio and has his own three-hour show on FS1. But we live in an on-demand world and that leaves 21 hours for a listener to listen to something else. There have been some public breadcrumbs about a new venture from the creator. It appears he's choosing one that will allow him the opportunity to enjoy the long view.

Part of the allure of the venture was the ability to identify and cultivate interesting voices who could use the signal booth being under the Cowherd umbrella can offer.

“I can age more elegantly if I curate talent,” he said. “I want to create this really smart, thoughtful podcast network where I do for young people what somebody did for me.”

This, of course, is something the radio host has been doing for decades. Readers of this sports blog need look no further than his championing of Jason McIntyre, who followed Cowherd to FS1 and the Fox Sports Radio airwaves. Discovering shows with the blue-ribbon blessing from an established leader in the industry comes with some intrigue. But it is nothing if not a crowded field.

Barstool Sports and The Ringer are two success stories in the podcasting arena. There's a longer list of failures or ventures who are just squeaking by. With projects like this, the second or third moves are often more interesting and instructive than the initial launch, so it's worth watching to see what type of shape the network takes in coming months.