Colin Cowherd: "Ohio State Would Run Through The SEC"

By Ty Duffy

" “Ohio State would run through the SEC” – @ColinCowherd. #HerdHere — Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) September 14, 2015 "

The SEC experienced somewhat of a comeuppance last Saturday. Colin Cowherd fired back, asserting that Ohio State “would run through the SEC” and terming SEC quarterback play “hot garbage.”

Obviously, the prudent way to counter fallacious, extreme rhetoric is not to counter with opposite but equally fallacious, extreme rhetoric.

Things we can assert with confidence…

Ohio State will be treated fairly for that. They don’t have margin for error. The season has a long way to play out. But, it looks like Ohio State would have a very tough time reaching the playoffs if they don’t beat Michigan State. 11-1 with no B1G title and, best-case scenario, either Michigan or Minnesota providing a Top 25 win isn’t a résumé.

We don’t know how Ohio State would fare in the SEC. There’s no way to simulate that. SEC teams won’t face anything like Ohio State’s QB play. Ohio State won’t face anything like Derrick Henry. Thankfully, we now have a playoff to sort this out.