Colin Cowherd Makes Convincing Case For NFL Teams to Call Nick Saban, But He's Not the One Who Needs Convincing

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Colin Cowherd simply cannot believe that NFL teams aren't reaching out to Nick Saban to see if he'd be interested in giving it the old professional try. Because when you stop to think about it, he'd more than likely be great and far more worth taking a swing on than about four or five of new coaches who will fill the open roles before next year. The Miami Dolphins failure is long in the rearview mirror and Saban would presumably have his pick of projects from which to identify the most success-ready.

Cowherd rebutted the potential argument that at age 69, the Alabama king would be too old for the gig. Which is ageism, by the way. Ever see The Office? You cannot simply get rid of Creed just because he's terrible at his job and also likely facing tremendous legal liability. Not with corporate lawyers. Saban doesn't drink or smoke and he keeps himself in fantastic shape on a strict Little Debbie regimen.

Cowherd's bit is shorter than four minutes but provides a nice example of how skilled he can be in any given segment. He really had me going and buying in with his smooth arguments to the point where I was mentally shaming each and every NFL front office for being uncreative cowards. Then the realization that there's another aspect set in, which is probably the answer to the question, in my humble opinion.

They don't call because he'll say no. And sure, it doesn't hurt to ask but time is precious and there are egos at work. Saban has perhaps the best setup in all of sports as President and CEO in Tuscaloosa and he's only grown more passionate about the specific work as time passes.

Of course, I can't fill four minutes with that take, and it won't be as fun a road to go down as the one Cowherd is offering. To do scores of these vignettes and persuasion pieces a week while carrying the bulk of the conversation both on-air and online is an impressive feat that goes unnoticed until you think about what's happening.