Sure, It Would Be Great If Luka-Zion Became the Next Magic-Bird

New Orleans Pelicans v Dallas Mavericks
New Orleans Pelicans v Dallas Mavericks / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Colin Cowherd was back on the air today doing the thing he always does where he says something that initially seems quite ridiculous but grows on you as the segment goes on. Today his muse was the Luka Doncic-Zion Williamson tandem of young superstars, which in his mind is the closest thing the NBA has had to Magic Johnson-Larry Bird in a long time.

Doncic's Bird-like characteristics have been well-documented. Williamson is a much different player than Johnson, but it in many ways the same diametric balance to his counterpart. There's some meat on this bone, plenty to chew on.

Now, some brake-tapping is warranted. The most likely scenario here is that Doncic never becomes Bird and Williamson never becomes Johnson. And that'd be fine. It'd be perfectly fine if each player was about 85 percent as good and the resulting rivalry was 85 percent as compelling. To be honest, it hasn't really started yet because these things need some playoff juice to grease the wheels before truly getting into motion.

But there's a chance one or both of them becomes an all-time talent. There's a chance they battle deep into spring every other year. I'm at least open to that version of the multiverse. Because if it comes to pass, that will be a fantastic thing for all involved.

Just wouldn't count any of those chickens yet.