Colin Cowherd Rips the Houston Rockets And 'Small Ball'

Colin Cowherd rips the Houston Rockets an "small ball"
Colin Cowherd rips the Houston Rockets an "small ball" /

Colin Cowherd thinks innovation is overrated, so it's no shock that he isn't a big fan of the Houston Rockets attacking opposing NBA teams with "small ball." Cowherd went off on the Rockets on Friday, ripping them for trying to go small in the sport with the biggest athletes in the world. He kind of has a point.

Here's his rant:

Frankly, a lot of this is true. Efficiency is the key here and the Los Angeles Lakers have swatted down the Rockets by being bigger, stronger and more efficient during their second-round Western Conference playoff series. The Lakers took a commanding 3-1 lead in the series Thursday night using their "small" lineup in which everyone was taller than the tallest Rockets starter.

The Rockets can be really fun to watch at times when they're cooking, but they are getting battered by the bigger Lakers. LA out-rebounded Houston 52-26 in Game 4 Thursday night and won 110-100 despite the Rockets hitting 42.4 percent from 3-point range. How did the Lakers do that? They're bigger and they outscored Houston in the paint 62-24. That was the ballgame right there.

The NBA doesn't use traditional center anymore and that makes sense given the weaponization of the 3-point line over the past few years. But the Rockets haven't proven that small ball is the best way of doing things. In fact, against the Lakers, it has been a disaster.