Colin Cowherd: Joe Burrow is Similar to Tony Romo


Joe Burrow is a national champion and a near certainty to be the top overall pick in April's draft. He has a well-rounded skillset for a quarterback, able to make throws to every level at an average-to-above-average clip and can get some yards on the ground if he has space in front of him. He doesn't have one skill that's particularly elite, but he does everything else so well that it doesn't matter.

As such, there isn't really one quality pro comparison to make in projecting Burrow's future. Colin Cowherd threw out an interesting one on The Herd on Wednesday, saying that Burrow is most similar to retired Cowboys QB, current CBS broadcaster, and soon-to-be media free agent Tony Romo.

The one difference that immediately and obviously stands out between the two is the Grand Canyon-sized gap in how their resumes pan out; Burrow is coming off what many are calling the greatest single season from a quarterback in college football history, winning the 'chip while tossing 60 (!) touchdowns and totaling 5,617 yards. Romo threw for 34 TDs and 3,165 yards in his final year at Eastern Illinois. That gap is why Burrow will be the No. 1 pick, while Romo went undrafted.

Other than that, though, the comparison is favorable. Both have solid arms and are willing to take risks, as Cowherd notes. They're not especially good at any one thing but are very good at a multitude of things; that skillset means they're more dependent on their supporting cast than some of the truly elite quarterbacks in the league, but if they have the pieces, they can easily rank among the best.

Everyone will try to find their perfect comp for Burrow as the draft grows near, and I imagine this one in particular will get quite a bit of airtime during the extensive pre-draft coverage.