Colin Cowherd is Getting His Own Weekly TV Football Show on ESPN


According to two sources at ESPN, Cowherd will host an hour-long college football/NFL show Sundays this Fall at 9 am on ESPN2. A source said the show will be all over the place – recapping the Saturday in college football and previewing the NFL. Much like his radio show, gambling will be discussed.

Cowherd, the polarizing radio host who ESPN seems to be pushing more this year, didn’t return a text message seeking comment. An ESPN spokesman had no comment.

Cowherd has been popping up on ESPN’s Mike & Mike radio show frequently – the rumor is M&M ratings have sagged, and the suits would like the show to have stronger opinions, something I discussed with one of the hosts on a podcast – and last week ESPN announced Cowherd will be part of College Football Live Tuesdays with Kirk Herbstreit.

The last show ESPN built around Cowherd, SportsNation (his co-host, Michelle Beadle, who at the time was a relative unknown), was a success until both of them departed in 2012.

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