Colin Cowherd Finally Finds Packers' Weakness

Colin Cowherd.
Colin Cowherd. /

Colin Cowherd suffered one of those, "shit, did I really just tweet that" moments yesterday, lauding the Packers as an unstoppable force of nature about two seconds before they completely imploded against the Bucs.

In fairness to Cowherd, the Packers looked dominant on both sides of the ball as they built a 10-0 lead on the road against Tom Brady and the Bucs. Then Aaron Rodgers threw two interceptions the Bucs turned into 14 points and the Bucs steamrolled Green Bay from there, winning 38-10. Cowherd admitted his tweet is no Bordeaux.

It took a little time, but Cowherd has figured out a weakness in the Packers. It starts with Cowherd saying Aaron Rodgers is not a "foxhole" guy because he's historically struggled to win games when his team trails and ends with him saying that when you punch the Packers in the mouth, they fold.

Stats are stats. I'm not going to argue that Rodgers is an above-.500 quarterback when it comes to winning after trailing at any point in a game. He isn't. So we'll leave that there. But to say the Packers are a team that folds after getting punched in the mouth is assumptive and shortsighted.

Yes, last year the Packers crumbled against the 49ers defense in the NFC Championship and, yes, the Packers fell apart against the Bucs in Week 6. But last year's team is not this year's team and the 2020 Packers have 11 more games to prove they're not who Cowherd thinks they are. They will be a totally different team by the time the playoffs roll around as they are now. Saying when they get punched they fold might be true in Week 6, but the exact opposite in the Week 17.

As for Rodgers, have we forgotten about the Hail Marys he has completed? Or the last-second win against the Cowboys in the 2016 playoffs? Or how about the Super Bowl run Rodgers led the Packers on as the sixth seed? Can't forget about those when discussing how Rodgers performs in adverse conditions.

Cowherd makes some great points about the Packers struggles. It's all fair and based in statistical fact. But I'm not ready to say the Packers can't take a punch and I also don't think Rodgers' record when trailing in a game means he can't do it in the future. The only fact is Cowherd now sees a weakness in the Packers.