Colin Cowherd: Did Aaron Rodgers Join the Jets Because He's Delusional or Because He's Narcissistic?

Colin Cowherd
Colin Cowherd /

Aaron Rodgers' concentrated efforts to keep his name in the news despite not playing since September and his team failing to make the playoffs has been extremely successful. He dominated the cycle for the last two weeks thanks to his appearances on the Pat McAfee Show. The craze for Rodgers content got to the point where the fact that he was no longer showing up on the show became newsworthy.

We're starting to see things die down just a bit. But Rodgers will remain a topic of discussion as long as the Green Bay Packers are in the playoffs. Which, unlike the other ways he's crowbarred into the headlines, is only natural. The quarterback forced his way out after 15 years there and they rebounded immediately, winning a playoff game with Jordan Love under center. That's a stark contrast from how other teams in recent history have coped with the departure of their franchise quarterback.

Colin Cowherd took the parallels a step further on The Herd today and compared Rodgers' choice of destination to where other equally talented players chose. He came to the conclusion that Rodgers chose to downgrade in nearly every aspect in terms of quality of roster and wondered aloud why on earth he would sign up for this. Is it because he's delusional and believed the team better than it was, asks Cowherd? Or is it because he's so narcissistic and full of hubris that he fully believed it wouldn't matter as long as he's under center?

Strong words. And yet, a pretty good point. While we can freely admit this is a take that is aided by the benefit of hindsight, what Cowherd is saying isn't wrong. Rodgers intentionally chose to make pretty much everything harder for himself by picking the Jets. He didn't have the same level of freedom Tom Brady did to choose his next team. Maybe not even the freedom Matthew Stafford did. The Packers had made it pretty clear this time last year that they were more than willing to let things get ugly and were not going to simply send Rodgers wherever he liked. But the process, as Cowherd said, for Rodgers to settle on Gang Green was and is suspect.

As far as what led to this... well, narcissism and delusion are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Excited to see how Rodgers responds to this particular allegation. Because you know he'll find a way, even without the McAfee platform to enjoy.