Colin Cowherd Contradicts Himself on Raiders

Jon Gruden yelling at a ref.
Jon Gruden yelling at a ref. / Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Sometimes you just wake up with a feeling and roll with it. Why that feeling came about or whether it's rooted in reality is unknown. But the feeling is there and it's impossible to ignore.

Colin Cowherd had one such moment this morning. The only issue is it seriously contradicts a feeling he expressed just a few days prior.

Chargers over Raiders isn't crazy. Los Angeles has looked good against high-quality teams all year before the fourth quarter rolls around and it inevitability blows its lead. Perhaps this is the week it finishes the job against a divisional rival and gets the win.

The only issue with that prediction coming from Cowherd is he ranked the Raiders as the sixth-best team in the NFL only five days prior to this morning's revelation.

Cowherd ranked the Raiders behind the Ravens and ahead of the Titans on Tuesday pointing out the Raiders' wins over the Chiefs, Saints, and Browns as reason for optimism. He said Derek Carr is a Top 10 quarterback in the NFL under Jon Gruden and accurately pointed out they have the third easiest schedule moving forward.

""I think they're a top 6 team." "

Colin Cowherd

Feelings change, people change, and Cowherd is keeping things fluid with his expectations for the Raiders. They're a Top 6 team with a Top 10 quarterback and one of the easiest schedules to finish the season, but they're also primed for an upset against one of the worst teams in the league. Got it.