Colin Cowherd Tightly Sums Up the Carson Wentz Experience

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Carson Wentz went down with another nasty-looking injury in yesterday's loss to the Los Angeles Rams and it throws the Indianapolis Colts' year into even bleaker territory. A three-game road trip to Tennessee, Miami and Baltimore could mean playoff hopes are fully extinguished before pumpkin spice latte season hits mid-stride. It's a disappointing turn of events but not a surprising one as the one thing everyone knows about Wentz is that, whether it's terrible luck or structural weakness, he tends to be unavailable when teams need him.

That's not to say he's not an impact player when healthy. And that's pretty much all that needs to be said about him at this point. Wentz is special in his ability, as an athlete, to project out a universally accepted narrative and make trying to find a unique angle sort of pointless. Colin Cowherd expressed all this during his show today with fine economy.

It seems clear that Wentz is not the long-term answer for either Indianapolis or any other team trying to win a Super Bowl. Which makes the Colts' confidence in him being that guy even stranger. Now they're on the hook for at least two years until they can figure out a new plan. By that time, Wentz will be 30. How many players do you know get healthier and less susceptible to injury as they age?

Something strange could happen but it feels as though we're on the downslope when it comes to interest and incentive structure for the Carson Wentz Conversation. And even that isn't entirely interesting. So there you go. That's the word on this guy and we won't be coming back to it unless something changes drastically. Don't hold your breath.