Colin Cowherd Has Bold Opinion About Popular Team With Rabid Fanbase


Some stunning stuff from the FS1 airwaves this morning as power player Colin Cowherd assembled a Top 10 list for the upcoming NFL season devoid of a certain star-shaped franchise. This came either before or after he compiled a list of five obvious takes. So many assorted numerical-based pieces of content to keep track of all at once. The man has the mental capacity of the entire 2014 Buzzfeed newsroom working together.

Anyway, Cowherd does not believe the Dallas Cowboys are going to be any good this season. Instead, he thinks they'll be average. Nine and seven is average remember. Here are his reasons, some of which are quite reasonable. In fact, Dallas might not be the 14th -or 15th- most successful team when the smoke clears.

Oh man, he really went and did it. He went both negative and contrarian about a popular franchise. Then invited them to react accordingly. Not an expert but it certainly seems like a recipe for engagement.

Hope he knows what he's in for.