Colin Cowherd Compares Aaron Rodgers to Prince Harry

Colin Cowherd discusses Aaron Rodgers on "The Herd with Colin Cowherd"
Colin Cowherd discusses Aaron Rodgers on "The Herd with Colin Cowherd" /

Colin Cowherd is the master of crazy comparisons between two seemingly unrelated topics. In fact, I'd venture to say he's carved that out as a big part of what he does on The Herd. But the one he came up with on Wednesday's show was a doozy. Colin Cowherd thinks Aaron Rodgers is Prince Harry and the Green Bay Packers are the royal family.

Yeah. I'll let him explain:

Honestly, the longer I sit with this comparison the more I start nodding my head. Cowherd has done it to me again. It's certainly not a perfect match, but he's right that both Green Bay and the royal family are incredibly weird and not normal. The Packers are NFL royalty, while Rodgers has never been a traditionalist and has always seemed like an odd fit there. But he's made it work. I guess he's just tired of doing so.

Rodgers is a California guy, I've seen him around San Diego numerous times during the offseason, as he has a house a few minutes from mine. He's not spending his summers in the Wisconsin Dells or sunning himself on the rocky beaches of Lake Michigan. The guy is from Chico and dates famous actresses, he wants to be in Malibu. Rodgers might just be over Green Bay, the organization's treatment of him, and the front office's failure to listen when he's asked for more help offensively.

And yes, it is true that Prince Harry has never been the typical royal family member. He bucked a ton of trends, married a divorced American actress -- which was way outside the norm -- and didn't want to live in England anymore. I mean, the comparison works.

The only difference here is that Rodgers signed contracts with the Packers, when he could have walked. But he likely would have left a ton of money on the table to do so. Still, Cowherd is on to something here.