Colby Covington Threatened UFC's Jon Anik

UFC 272: Spivak v Hardy
UFC 272: Spivak v Hardy / David Becker/GettyImages

Colby Covington is known for saying some crazy things and being one of the biggest trash talkers in mixed martial arts. On Tuesday, he crossed the line. During an interview with MMA Fighting, Covington lobbed a death threat at UFC commentator Jon Anik, while also calling fellow UFC fighter a racist.

The beef seems to stem from the fact that Covington was the backup fighter for the welterweight championship at UFC 286 in London. If either Leon Edwards or Kamaru Usman had to back out of the fight late, Covington would have replaced them. Anik thought that was unfair to Belal Muhammad, who is unbeaten in his last nine fights and is 13-3 since joining the UFC in 2016.

That innocuous post set Covington off as he threatened Anik's life for it:

Just to be clear as to what he said:

And, you know, Jon Anik, dude, I don’t want your kids to grow up without a dad. Just realize you live in Boca, I live in Miami motherfucker. You’re not too far from me. So you better shut your fucking mouth. You poke the bear? Now you get the bear comes after you.

Yeah, that's a death threat. To a fellow UFC employee. I know Dana White enjoys the wild west nature of his company, but that can't stand. Covington has to be disciplined or fined in some way for that. Totally not OK. He also randomly threw in calling Muhammad a racist.

For some reason, White has indicated Covington will be next for Leon Edwards and some feel it's unearned. Covington is 2-2 in his last four fights, losing twice to Usman and beating Tyron Woodley and Jorge Masvidal, both of whom looked awful.

Muhammad likely deserves a shot soon.