Cody Zeller Confirms Tom Crean Wanted Live Bats for Motivational Purposes at Indiana

Cody Zeller as a guest on Titus & Tate
Cody Zeller as a guest on Titus & Tate /

Cody Zeller was a guest on the Titus & Tate podcast this week and the former Indiana star confirmed one of the weirdest college basketball stories we've ever heard.

For years rumors have persisted that during his time at Indiana, Tom Crean wanted his team managers to find a bat for him to use during a pregame speech. It sounded far too ridiculous to be true. Promoted by co-host Mark Titus, Zeller confirmed the rumors and told the backstory to the ridiculous request from his former head coach.

Check it out:

Pardon the pun but that's batsh*t insane. It shouldn't shock anyone that John and Jim Harbaugh were both peripherally involved in this scheme.

Good on Zeller for confirming the story and solid work from Titus and Tate Frazier to throw the question out there. The trio spun some gold with this one.