CM Punk Makes WWE Raw Return


CM Punk shocked the pro wrestling world when he showed up at Survivor Series on Saturday night. His return to WWE was a well-kept secret and was apparently finalized just hours before he showed up. On Monday night, he made his first appearance on Raw since 2014.

Here's his entire segment:

This is a huge deal for WWE and, frankly, the show's ratings. No matter what anyone thinks of him, Punk is a draw. People watch him and talk about him. He gets headlines and draws eyeballs. In the end, that's what the entire business is about. It's also big for Punk, he was nearly run out of the business by several incidents during a rocky tenure at AEW. Now he's back with the top company in the business.

During a stretch from 2011 to 2014, Punk became the top draw in professional wrestling. He elevated WWE and WWE elevated him. Honestly, it feels right that he's back where that entire run began.